About Us

There is significant demand across the region from people who need a quick hassle-free source of cash for the short term and don’t have the option of getting a bank loan. They would also like to avoid the risks and stress of dealing with (illegal) loan sharks and risk criminal charges around bounced cheques etc.

BuyBack Bazaar (BBB) is an online B2C (and B2B) portal which brings sellers of personal items to the ‘best priced’ and geographically closest buyer with the additional optionality for the seller to ‘buyback’ their item in the near future. These local retail stores (Members) who regularly buy and sell personal items like second-hand electronics and other goods. These Members put in bid prices and quantities for each individual item on our Portal.

Customers then see the best price (amongst multiple bids) to sell their personal item, get the cash they need and they have the option to buy this back within a short period of time once they have funds in place.

BBB creates the online marketplace and matches buyers to sellers but does not directly manage any customer assets or cash. This is managed completely by the member retail outlets, who are all registered with the Government and fully authorized to buy and sell second-hand consumer / personal goods from walk-in and online customers.

BBB has been incubated by UAE based professionals who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of those in need. They were the thought leaders behind the Wage Protection System (WPS) in UAE 10 years ago, and they have managed large teams at firms like Emirates NBD Bank, Reuters, McKinsey & The Private Office of The Ruler of Dubai. They have achieved global recognition in the areas of operations, business transformation, investment management, technology and sustainable non-profits, and are looking forward to building BBB into a truly transformational brand going forward!